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Why The SmartTasty Approach was created

My husband and I moved to the US and quickly gained 20 extra pounds each after the first year. For about a year we couldn’t lose almost any weight no matter how hard we tried different sports and workouts in our quest to gain back control of our bodies and get rid of extra fat.

It took us half a year to realize that workouts were not enough. We started to look how we could change our approach to lifestyle and begin to study different diets and food approaches, talk to various nutritionists, and experiment a lot.

Finally, we were able to define The SmartTasty Approach that worked perfectly for us. After we started SmartTasty, we lost about 20 pounds each in 2 months and continue to stick to the approach for about a year now.

A few friends asked how we managed to lose weight and per my husband’s suggestion, I’ve put together a 30 pages book about The SmartTasty Approach.

In the book, I am happy to share our personal experience and findings we came up with in our quest to discover what we need to do to lose weight, look and feel great. You'll get access to The 11 SmartTasty Tricks that will guide you how to make some small but very important changes to your meals to start losing fat quickly.

Please join our SmartTasty community at to get answers to you questions, share photos of your meals, and learn more about The SmartTasty Approach.

Yours, Julia Klimentovska